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Thank YOU, Cornflower, for providing me with such great book suggestions and such a pleasant, insightful, thought-provoking read several times a week!


Oh--and another nifty thing: it's still August here in Maine, though we did start school today!


First of all, Happy Birthday cornflower blog!! :-)

Question/s: Do you spin? Have you ever done any loom weaving?

Your blog has made knitting so tempting to me - but, I still haven't done any. I made a start aaaaaages ago - never finished the project.


Happy Birthday, Cornflower! I enjoy your blogs so very much and check several times a day to see what's new and who has commented. I love your reviews and snippets of your life revealed, especially through so many scrumptious photos. Here's to many more birthdays!


Usually a lurker but always a treat, be it photos, baking or books. Many thanks and "Happy Birthday"


Happy Birthday Cornflower!! I look forward to all your wonderful posts! I particularly enjoy the lovely montages of color that you create and all your beautiful images of Scotland!!

Ditto that, Stacey! Here's to many more birthdays!!


A most happy birthday to you! Three years is quite a feat. Yours is a favourite stop for me!

lynn m

HI I enjoy Cornlower blog, you're my morning coffee companion. I'd love to know how you make the montage of photos that you show, love them especially the plant ones and the variety of colours were great too


Happy birthday to Cornflower!

I like beautiful posts with pictures of whatever takes your fancy, but I especially like posts about your knitting or Harriet's sewing or someone's cooking.


Congratulations and thank you for producing a blog(s) I look at every single day!


Happy birthday Cornflower! Reading you has been a constant pleasure and had led me to discover several books I have greatly enjoyed. I just wish I had more time to read and pick up your suggestions!


Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd! You provide me with such wonderful suggestions, not only books but also cakes (I also am the proud owner of an AGA) and trips to Scotland. So, many happy returns.


One of the best things about coming home from holiday is to have several weeks' worth of one's favourite blogs to read! Happy birthday; please send slice of the delicious celebratory cake as an (edible!) attachment....


I love your book reviews and have bookmarked several books as a result- also love your beautiful shades of blue. Thanks for your lovely blog.

Mel  U

Congratulations on your third anniversary-I have been reading all you post via a Blogline subscription for a long time now


Congratulations on the anniversary! Cornflower is a lovely mix of my favorite things beautifully done. A must with the morning coffee.


Happy Blog Birthday.
My comment for this auspicious occasion - don't change a thing!
I love popping by and occasionally leaving a comment - I am sending a large slice of cake and a glass of champagne - cheers!


Keep it up, I don't know how you do it though. I particularly enjoy the recipes you cook and photograph for us. Food for the body as well as the mind. Happy birthday Cornflower


Nancy, I've never tried weaving (except for my very quick go on the loom in Lewis a couple of weeks ago) and my spinning stalled a bit last year. I must take it up again and get more proficient as I have some lovely BFL fibre from The Yarn Yard waiting to be spun when I'm good enough to tackle it.


Lynn, the montage photos are all done in Picasa (free to download), so all I have to do is decide what goes with what and the program does the work for me!


I ought to do more Aga posts then, Suzanne!


Curzon, Harriet was threatening to make a cornflower blue cake for today!!


Perfect, Carole!


Three years already! Congratulations! I'm still enjoying your eclectic mix of books, pottery, knitting, gardens, and, you know. Some of everything! Thank you


Happy birthday, may many more come!
The pictures of your visit to Scone palace, that is the poppy really, made me a regular visitor out of me.

Lee Wittenstein

Yours is one of my very favorite blogs and I thank you for it! You have introduced me to so many wonderful books and other things. I particularly like the glimpses of Edinburgh and Scotland as I am one of those American Scots who misses a country I have never lived in. (Both sides of my family came to this country in the mid-1800s from Scotland, although one branch had a slight detour in Ireland first. My maiden name is Lindsay.)

Mary McCartney

Congratulations! Do you know how many posts you've written over the past three years?


Many happy returns!! I always enjoy visiting. Thank you for the book suggestions, recipes and beautiful photographs, especially those of Edinburgh which is one of my favourite cities.


Hello Cornflower -- Happy Birthday! I enjoy both of your blogs so much. I rarely miss a day checking in to see what's new. As for a question: do you ever do needlepoint/tapestry work? If so, do you have any favorite needlework designers?


It looks to be 1188, Mary!


Lee, do you happen to know whereabouts in Scotland your family lived?


I do, Karen, though I've neglected it since beginning this blog! (there are a few mentions of it here and there, though). Favourite designers would be Kaffe Fassett and Elian McCready, though really all those who design for Ehrman produce wonderful work.


Dear Cornflower, congratulations on your third birthday and thank you for your continuing doses of 'reality' - knitting, baking and good Scottish scenery which have often brightened my day and my mood over here in Moscow.
Thanks! Rhona


I've loved your blog(s) for a very long time now. They are perfect. My only suggestion would be more dog pictures and stories! :<)


One of the first blogs I looked at! You talk about so many things. Your pictures are beautiful. Well done.

Marina McIntire

Happy Birthday and many happy returns.
I just started following your blogs this year and I love so many things! The photography is amazing, the food commentary is delightful and I even won a book! (Stargazing, by Linda Gillard -- and it was wonderful! Thank you again for that.)
All I'd like to see more of is knitting. That was what got me here in the first place.
Thanks for everything.

Sarah Salway

Just to say happy birthday and congratulations, Karen. It really is a beautiful blog you've created and I always love looking at it. I'm very proud of my 'twin'!!


Back again - to ask if you noticed the fleece on that sheep pictured at dovegreyreader - the Leicester, with the poodle sort of kink to it? I have never seen anything like that - and would love to have some.


Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over - no, discretion is the better part of valour! But suggestion - a book of poetry or a play for the monthly book club reading?



Happy Birthday, I love your blog, the care you take is obvious and shows in every post. Thank you, and congratulations, more of the same I think, and for many more years.

Lee Wittenstein


Sorry to be so long in answering.? I was trying to hunt down a family history that I know I have somewhere.? I will keep looking.? My brother recalls being told that the Lindsays who left Scotland for Ireland were Coventers so I guess that would have been late 1600s.? They settled in County Sligo in Northern Ireland and left there in the 1880's due to the famine.? They eventually settled in South Carolina.?

Now that I have written all this it seems doubly silly to feel a special affinity for Scotland.? I have visited twice and felt as if I could happily live there.? Perhaps because, as the same brother says, I see men wearing my father's face on every street.? However long ago my family left,?the genes have held true. :)


Karol/New York City

Happy 3rd Birthday, Mrs. Cornflower, and may you celebrate many more in the years to come. I visit every morning, and have been a regular reader for over one year. Yours is the only blog I still enjoy reading on a daily basis, mainly because of the variety of things you discuss that I love: books, knitting, flowers, (especially your gorgeous blue cornflowers), Edinburgh photos, etc. I don't always agree with all of your book choices, but I have found several gems that I loved (most recently Stratton's War, which was published in the U.S. under a different title (The innocent Spy).


I echo all of the above good wishes. Happy Birthday Cornflower, long may you bloom.

Dark Puss

I always knew it would be good, hope my comments have been generally positive and interesting. I think you know what I'd like best (so I'll not say it here), but how about more on music?

Peter xxx


Food for thought, Lindsay!

Hester from Atlanta

I love your color sense. Even though cornflower blue is definitely your main color, I love the other colors you show on your blog. I thought the collages you did of all the different colors of the rainbow was fabulous.
Best- Hester from Atlanta, GA


Happy Birthday, Cornflower! Keep doing what you are doing because I still enjoy reading your posts and looking at the great photos which accompany them. Just back from a month without television and the internet and this site is my first stop!


Yes, please!

Barbara MacLeod

Like Deirdre I am also just back from being away from my computer and ... yes ... this is also my first stop!

Has it really been 3 years?!!! Congratulations! I continue to be astonished at the range and depth of books (not to mention other topics) that you cover! Like Lindsay above, I think a Bookgroup selection of a play or poetry would be fun to try.


I'm so late with the birthday wishes, but very happy 3rd blog birthday Karen x


A very Happy Birthday to Cornflower! You know I love the bookish posts best. And the cooking ones. All of them, really!


I am rather slow of the mark here, only just catching up on my favourite blogs now that the children have returned to school. A very many happy returns to Cornflower, one of my very favourite bloggers.

Your mother.

Karen - have just come home after a visit to Glasgow and, like a great many of your readers, didn't realise it was your "third" birthday - you usually remind me of things like that ! but my congratulations to you. As you know I'm always so proud of my clever "wee"girl.Just a note to all your "friends" I keep telling her she should slow down because I feel she does too much, but I would be as well talking to the wall !!! She pays no attention. I'm luckier than all of you however, I never have to "buy" a book !! just help myself! Thankyou all for your great support to Karen. My love dear, Mum.


Happy Blog-birthday.

Could you give a recipe (and perhaps a blog post) for Sourdough bread.
I have tried to make is several times and I can't seem to get beyond the "starter" stage.
I keep meaning to buy the Thrifty Cookbook. I first saw it one your website, so I am adding to my TBD list.

Simon T

Very happy birthday, Karen, a bit late! I've been such a fan of Cornflower since I entered the blogging world - we're very lucky to have you. And I'm planning a trip to Edinburgh at some point, so we may meet face to face again...

Fran H-B

Rather late in the day but happy third birthday. I am not sure how I found your blog, probably through another book blog..or when, but it is one of the few which has remained on my favourites list; those I look at as often as I can. The reason? Because you have such a wide range of subjects. I love the mix, never knowing what may be in the next post. Your posts on Edinburgh have been of great interest as work brings me there at times. Looking up.....I have found so much more when I do that.


Happy birthday and thank you for all the excellent reading suggestions over the last couple of years. (I was a late arrival!)I'm now looking forward to your choice of plays, something I used to enjoy reading - but I've got out of the habit so I'll be grateful for the kickstart!


This is a very belated birthday greeting - I've been too busy with the 'back to school' thing. As I've said before, what I love about your blog, cornflower, is how it portrays and reflects life, real multifaceted life, in such a gracious manner. I especially love the foodie posts, and extra-specially the 'books and cooks' posts.

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