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Having just finished a response to Jane's post I'll be brief. I like the two-way dialog, I do read others' comments, and I don't expect a personal response, but am always thrilled to get one.


I've been a bit of a slacker lately writing back to commenters. I do it right on the blog, but sometimes I get busy and don't go back soon enough and by then I fear the original commenter won't come back to check. On and on. :<) I need to comment as soon as I read one. Period - that's it. I do like the notion of commenting on the blog rather than through emails because then other commenters get involved in the conversation. I would go really crazy if I had to email everyone back. :<)


While I think comments on blogs are often insightful, informative, and add new layers to the author's thoughts, I think it is NOT necessary to respond to each comment, and I would hope a person leaving a comment would not expect that. The blog is the author's view of things, not a forum for everyone else's viewpoint to be introduced and discussed. I love reading the comments, but I visit the blog to read Cornflower - and a lovely blog it is, too.


Because of the amount of blogs I read, which really aren't that many, I still rarely go back to a particular post to see what the blogger might have said in response to comments. Who has that much time on their hands?

I, too, try to respond personally to comments made. I think it's a nice thing to do, somewhat like writing proper thank you notes and don't really expect an ongoing dialogue to occur. It's just simple appreciative communication. There are times, though, when a brief comment like 'well done' or 'awesome' or 'lovely' doesn't give enough stimulation for a reply, but I'm thankful all the same.

I guess for me (and I apply this only to myself) it keeps this impersonal medium people-friendly.


I agree with the others. I absolutely don't expect a personal response to every comment, but, on the other hand, I can't imagine not leaving a real email address, as it's only visible to the blogger, and not to others reading the comments. There's something quite passive-aggressive about leaving a comment that might invite a personal reply but making it impossible to receive that personal reply. I wouldn't blame any blogger for not taking the trouble to reply.


I too hate not responding to comments but sometimes life is too busy and so I never expect a reply to my comments on blogs. I just like to let people know I have visited!


I think commenting on the comments is normal blog etiquette. I remember getting personal responses from you the first few times I commented and being amazed that you had time to do that for everyone! Leaving comments on the comments also allows the blog to become more of a general conversation, not just one comment plus response.

I don't think that means you should leave a comment for every comment, just join in the discussion every now and then.


I, too, enjoy reading the comments and have found other blogs through doing so. However, I don't feel you are obliged to respond personally. My comments are a way of saying 'thank you' for your blog.

Mrs C

A personal response is a nice touch, but certainly not necessary. I don't think a blogger commenting on comments is a problem either - then again that is just what I do!

Certainly a bit of a can of worms that yarnstorm seems to have opened up today!


It is nice occasionally to get a response to a comment - I certainly do not expect it every time, but it is lovely now and then as it makes the blog seem like a two way conversation somehow. As to turning the comments off completely and permanently - I do not like this. Even though it is Yarnstorms blog to do as she wants with, to me its like inviting someone in to your house and then ignoring them. Maybe now that she is famous, the blog has just become a vehicle for self promotion - which is ok too of course ... but she needs to be honest about it.


Ditto to Lee's observation. As a non-blogger (and occasional commenter on several blogs) I am always touched when I receive a response to a comment, but it's not something I expect.


As evenings tend to be devoted more to handwork I continue to read favorite blogs but don't take the time to comment as often. And, it's extremely rare that I'll revisit comments on a post where I've left a comment already.

I certainly do not expect an email reply to my comments though the unexpected one is always a pleasure. Replying to comments ought not to be an added burden. There's something about internet interactions that seems compulsive to quick interaction and exchanges which in turns can lead down a long road of replying to replying. I grow confused wondering if I'm to continue at my end.

I've been pondering this very thing? How much interaction is expected? How quickly? What length, depth? I struggle with this in even my business emails for often the initial contacts merge into more personal territory. Please don't misunderstand, I love the personal aspect of running a small business, especially with such friendly, wonderful customers! But at times my day pass in a blur of emails and virtual people.

When exchanging physical letters with friends there's not the sense of urgency, rather a sweet savoring and passing of time to develop the next letter in season.


I don't tend to read comments, unless it is a topic I am really interested in.

Like Lee said. I wouldn't expect a personal response to a comment - but always appreciate it when I get one.


I agree with many that have already commented. I am able to respond to comments simply because there is a manageable number of them. I think trying to respond to everyone could be difficult for someone who is widely read like yourself and is not (or should not be) expected. It is nice to get a response sometimes, especially when I have a question. I love to read your blog because of your posts, not because of the comments or your response. Would not want you to feel frustrated for not being able to respond!


A bit late with my comment, but I agree with Lee. I like the two-way dialogue, and enjoy reading the comments. A response is nice but not vital. I imagine the blogger begins blogging with either the idea that he / she would like a conversation type blog, or more of an article which needs no comment. Each to her own, but I prefer the tone and the idea of the former.

Martini Recipes

First, commenting and leaving a non-functioning email address is just not nice. I agree with Lee, though. It's neat to see the comment stream.

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  • Sidebar book cover thumbnail pictures are affiliate links to Amazon, and the storefront links to Blackwell's and The Book Depository are also affiliated; should you purchase a book directly through those links, I will receive a small commission. Older posts may also contain affiliate links to one of those bookshops. I am not paid to produce content and all opinions are my own.


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